Tile Care

Ceramic tiles are basically a low maintenance product, but some rules need to be followed.

Wall tiles

Bathroom, kitchen and laundry wall tiles need only be cleaned with a mild detergent or household cleaner. There are really only two strict rules to follow.

  • Don't: use an abrasive cleaner such as a powder or gritty cream. These will cause minute scratches in the surface and make the tiles harder to clean the next time.
  • Do: clean tiles regularly so dirt doesn't build up.

Floor tiles

The same basic rules apply to floor tiles. Don't use abrasive cleaners, or any sort of polishes or additives. They will only build up and cause problems later. Wash you tiles regularly using hot clean water and a little neutral (not acidic or alkaline) soap less household cleaner.

Tiles can become scratched by grit, especially high glazed ones. To minimise this, ensure a door mat is used just inside any exterior door. If you have very high glazed floor tiles in your bathroom, avoid walking on them with harsh footwear.

One or two tiles in your floor may become chipped or cracked. Please make sure you have kept some spares, as tile batches vary in colour and fashions come and go, so it's very unlikely that you could ever match your tiles up a few years later.

Joint and tile sealing

Once all tiling work is complete and looking a million dollars you need to keep it looking this way. 

Without an adequate sealer all grout joints, porous stone and even some tiles will stain almost instantly. Sealers although not impenetrable, work by providing reaction time to enable you to remove the offending contaminant.

We provide a full range of complex sealers that can offer different looks to the finished tiled area such as natural or enhanced.  Quality sealers will keep your wet areas and tiled areas looking fresher for longer.


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